FIFA movie about how awesome FIFA is earns $607 in US theaters


I imagine there’s at least one guy in Phoenix who would go! :smiley:


That last clip seemed-- not so seamless in its editing. And I take issue with the foley work of the crushed car.


It’s still the best goal I have ever seen though. I’ve seen hundreds that are technically better, but I never wanted them as desperately as that one.

I nearly missed it too, I didn’t want to be there when Carlisle went down.


These two things are exactly why I love the action scenes in Bollywood. It’s like this wonderful throwback to the era of Bruce Lee with some better digital effects taken to insanity.


A for the first clip, What’s with the Russian “dub”?

Clearly a movie made for nine year old boys :slight_smile:


Well, that’s $303.50/day, so at that rate, it’ll catch Avatar in just over 6860 years. Slow & steady…


What about

My favorite bit – the obviously-female team obviously-wearing obviously-fake mustaches. That is never mentioned.


Oh, Stephen Chow! He’s so fun. I love Evil Team and their underwater training system.


That second clip…Thank you for the giggles. :slight_smile:


John Oliver needs to release a 5 minute movie that consists entirely of his paying up on his promise to FIFA’s sponsors (plus bloopers from that scene, because there’s no way he got through that in one take.) It would absolutely make more than this FIFA movie.


Oh, man, I’d definitely pay for a film in which Tim Curry played Sepp Blatter…

“Pleased to meet… I see you’ve met my… faithful… handyman… he’s a little brought down… because, when you rang… he thought you were bringing a massive bung…”


Well, had the movie offered their real story, complete with all the bribery, backroom backstabbing, briefcases full of cash, etc. I could really see actual audience interest; but believing that the sanitized version is remotely interesting is Walter Mitty level crazy.


I liked the great and proper use of CGI to pull off all the ridiculous ball passing and goals.


The GOALIE scored? How often has that ever happened?


Count the reviews in non-NY or LA newspapers. Divide $607 by the average ticket price and I’d bet most of the viewers were press (tongue in cheek, but maybe close to the truth)


A gent by the name of Jorge Campos used to range forward at every opportunity. That was… not ideal.

The fun ones are when the opposite goalie scores from their own goal.

But of course there’s a list, because a) sports and b) internet:


Other than a few individuals, it’s very uncommon.

There have been other goalkeepers who score goals, including a different Carlisle goalkeeper, Peter Keen, who scored just over a year later.

The Jimmy Glass goal happened because the game was nearly over and tied at 1-1 and Carlisle needed to win to stay in the professional leagues, if they didn’t they would have probably gone bankrupt (Scarborough, the team who were relegated instead went out of existence a few years later). Jimmy went to the other end of the pitch because there really was nothing left to lose at that point.

In the end Jimmy Glass only played three games on loan to Carlisle United before going back to Swindon Town. There was an attempt to sign him but Swindon wanted more money than Carlisle could afford.


Now I find out that Matt Glennon (at Carlisle in between after Jimmy Glass and at the same time as Peter Keen) scored a goal after leaving.

Was there some kind of secret goal-scoring keeper project going on in Carlisle at the turn of the millenium?


It happened against my team a few years ago…

And Peter Schmeichel made a bit of a habit of it.

The Paraguay keeper used to take all the team’s penalties and free kicks…


This has turned into a much more interesting conversation than where it began