FIFA president may not resign after all


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Anyone getting feelings of deja-vu?


From the New York Daily news:



I think it’s horribly obvious what happened; the people who bribed him (i.e. Asia and Africa) and his cronies subtly hinted that maybe, just maybe, he’d better stay in office and make good on what they paid for before he tries to run for cover. Naturally, this doesn’t look good for everyone involved, but I think it will come down to a high level case of “we-bribed” and “we-didn’t-bribe” with the involved parties swearing on whatever stack of bibles they can find that everything is fine, just fine. Sepp can’t play if he doesn’t stay at the table, and it could be there’s a gun at the back of his head hinting that he’d better play his crappy hand to the hilt.


So what you’re saying is that the rousing success of the movie did not instigate a wave of popular support.


Polonium poisoning, coming soon to a FIFA President near you?


I struggled with this article after the line "According to a report from the Swiss newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag, which cited unnamed sources, "…

In other news massive financial corruption in Switzerland shock!

I’m just disappointed that there isn’t any contagion seemingly to the IOC - Blatter’s FIFA are a product of it and the practices that became common and still are there.


My guess is that he’s worried whoever comes after him won’t run the shredder fast enough and he’ll stay in there until the manacles hit his wrists. Because at this rate they are certainly coming for him.


To John Oliver: "Hows that Bud lime tasting? :kissing_smiling_eyes: "


FIFA President Sepp Blatter is reportedly reconsidering his decision to resign from the top post of the world soccer governing body, according to a report.

Reportedly, according to a report, huh?


He’ll probably just get hung from a bridge in London, unless the world cup gets pulled from Russia, in which case they won’t even find pieces of the guy. Sepp’s probably hoping for nice quick cancer to get him right now.


You mean Sepp fell to the ground in apparent pain and distress, in front of the judgmental eyes of the rule keepers and the world?

and was faking it? No. Way.


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