Sepp Blatter, disgraced former FIFA president, to serve on panel about fixing FIFA

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Makes sense. Just do the exact opposite of whatever he suggests.



What could possibly go wrong.


The very crisis he himself presided over and helped create.

Actually the crisis was created by João Havelange*, Sepp Blatter just continued to benefit from it.

*I see no evidence that his predecessor, Stanley Rous, was anywhere near as corrupt as either of them, even taking into account his support towards South Africa despite their apartheid era suspension from FIFA. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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isn’t this just the standard hacker pitch? “I know your system better than you, I figured out how to exploit it. Now hire me to do your security!”

"To catch a theif, " in other words.


No! No! Hackers are leet! Old white dudes are contemptible! (Not sure what we should do about old white hackers.)

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and the SEC / Financial Sector revolving door…

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Well, he certainly knows what to look for. Good choice!

Apparently the catchphrase of the panel is “It takes a thief to catch a thief.” This is kind of like hiring Frank Abagnale* as a security consultant.

*Of Catch Me If You Can fame.

FIFA is like the abused women who keeps taking back the man who abuses her.

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