Fifa President Sepp Blatter prosecuted


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[Bounces up in down in chair excited, sends intern for popcorn so doesn’t have to miss a thing, clicks F5 on Men In Blazers]


And I though I was happy when Carlisle United took Liverpool all the way to penalties on Wednesday.

It’s been a great week in football.


One can only hope.


Hopefully this will open the floodgates, so even if he ‘beats’ this… it’ll simply open the floodgates and end in Death by a Thousand Cuts.


For shame. FIFA has rights. Such a statement is extremely prejudicial and could inadvertently provide grounds for getting the case dismissed. You really must wait until the trials are over before you’re entitled to call it comical.


I know this is unfair cultural bias, but I still think his name sounds like a character from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Wasn’t “President Sepp Blatter” one of Zaphod Beeblebrox’s predecessors?


Yes, one of the worst presidents ever. His Krikkit style was really poor and unrecognizable.



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