FIFA: Sepp Blatter resigns

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Kinda. He said he will resign when they pick someone to replace him.

One of two things:
1 - There’s a big trail leading to him and the FBI just told him about it.
2 - UEFA’s comments about boycotting the World Cup are being listened to.

Anything that makes him leave I’m all about.

My favorite quote: “We need term limits not only for the president but for all members of the Executive Committee. I have fought for these changes before and, as everyone knows, my efforts have been blocked.”

Poor Sepp. He’s been trying to get out but they just won’t let him.


May I suggest this alternate headline for your post:

FIFA Finds Cure for its Blatter Infection


Of course, he waited until the day after John Oliver said he’d drink a Bud Light Lime, eat every item on the McDonald’s dollar menu and wear these ridiculously hideous Adidas shoes if Sepp Blatter stepped down:

Truly John Oliver wasn’t thinking when he made that promise. A fate worse than death.


Or 3. A massive sponsor threatened to pull out.


He resigned? I think the term is “cashed out.”


this was almost certainly a big part of it.

Oliver’s audience is “only” a few million, but it’s right in the sweet spot for advertisers. There is NO WAY those brand managers can risk having Oliver trashing their brands. THe one segment alone probably cost them $10 million in collective “Brand Equity”.

I am not saying this was the sponsor’s were the only push, but I am certain it was one of the stronger hands pushing.


i read elsewhere someone theorizing that he waited to resign until after the election, and calling for new elections “soon” to make sure that any rivals dodn’t get access to FIFA files too soon. this gives him time to clean house before he’s outta there. he’s so slimy, this makes sense to me.


Hell, I kinda want to do all those things regardless.


I can’t help thinking that resigning after the election is also one last show of defiance, sort of "See, it’s impossible to force me out. I own these bought votes and I can do whatever I want with them. Now that that’ point’s made, I’ll go when I want to. "


Didn’t JO say he would do those things if the sponsors doped FIFA?

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pretty sure it’s 1.

UEFA’s efforts had no impact on Sepp’s election, non whatsoever. No one in Europe seriously thinks that the Worldcup would / could be boycotted.

Too much money and too many people who would go onto the barricades if deprived of the ritual.


When have sponsors ever led the way? ever?

This did happen

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You can be sure he will make money as a consultant to FIFA – there’s no way he’s just going to walk away from huge easy money.

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Poor Guy…

Nike fired him.

The World Cup is big in Europe & in South America neither of which have the privilege of watching John Oliver. I wish we did.

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