FIFA: Sepp Blatter resigns

Well, you could have the privilege if you so chose… Because internetz.


Wrong. Because. Copyright.

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If it’s not available in your country at all, I would have no problem finding more… illicit sources for the material you desire. Of which there are many.


I am sure there are & you wouldn’t.

Point here was that John Oliver’s show, which is not easily accessible in Europe, is unlikely to have a significant impact on European Public Opinion.

When it comes to FIFA, US Public Opinion & US only TV shows are utterly irrelevant. Which of course is the reason the FBI could and would get involved.

When the FBI starts to seriously investigate the International Olympic Committee and its corruption, I will start getting excited about the impact US public opinion could have on sport sponsors.

Budweiser, Adidas, and McDonald’s are big in America. Oliver trashing their brands in front of his American audiences hits them squarely in the in their American pocketbooks, especially since most of the consumers in question don’t get a damn about FIFA.

Yes, these brands were probably involved with FIFA because the of their European and South American markets, but that just sets up an interesting internal dynamic within these companies. It’s the American brand managers who are taking the $10 million hit over John Oliver’s attention, not the European brand managers. Do you think those American brand managers took this quietly?

Again, I don’t claim that the John Oliver-motivated advertisers were the sole mover, or even the single most important mover. But they have a huge incentive to get this off the front page, and the means to have their voices heard.

Well pressure from sponsors is apparently what pushed Blatter to quit, but you’re right, I’m sure US opinion doesn’t matter at all to FIFA. Nope, I bet their major sponsors aren’t even American companies who might be impacted by US opinion.

Oh wait, the majority of their top tier sponsors are American companies - Coca-Cola, Visa, Budweiser and McDonalds. Visa in fact was the first major sponsor to threaten them less than a week ago followed by Coca-Cola.

It would be lovely to think that sponsors were the trend setters but some how I think “avalanche of secrets” heading the FBI’s way might be considerably more relevant

Of course we can all dream that capitalism will right itself and sponsors will make ethical decisions guided by US public opinion
but somehow I am not sure.

Am I the only one who thinks “Sepp Blatter” sounds like a lesser-known Star Wars figure?

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