Sepp Blatter promises to fix the corrupt organization he's been in charge of for 17 years

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This makes me sad.

aaaaaaaand Al-Hussein withdraws

Surely we can all admire the moral courage it takes for Blatter to step up and stand strong against entrenched institutional corruption so diabolical, so subtle, that it managed to escape his attention for almost two decades?

Now that we’ve all agreed on the man’s exemplary personal qualities and aptitude for leadership, I’ve been told that there’s an envelope with my name on it that I need to go collect. Back shortly…


This is their boardroom - note the distinct lack of Peter Sellers


I wonder if al-Hussein has shot himself in the foot? The tea party failed to oust John Boehner, and he’s been exacting revenge ever since. If you start a coup, make damn sure you finish it.

I heard on the radio that there was talk of boycotting the next World Cup if he was re-elected. I imagine that was very much toothless bluster, though.

+1 for “sententious”.

All the AD money poured into FIFA by U.S. corporations should be pulled and used to set up a North/South American Soccer Association.

Pull every bit of revenue and say bye to fifa.

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Quick! Sacrifice the underlings. Our investment portfolio in trouble.

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Ha, AirBnB has a similar one:


I really liked this take in the New Yorker

Well of course he is the right person to root out corruption - he already knows exactly where to look!

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What can one say about the levels of entitlement in an organisation where a scion of the House of Hashem – holder of the Grand Cordon of the Order of al-Hussein bin Ali; the Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Renaissance, and Grand Cordon of the Order of the Star of Jordan – can present himself as the outsider underdog of a leadership challenge


Forget FIFA and the world cup. This is the only football world championship that matters

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