Remember Sepp Blatter? He's finally been indicted for fraud in Switzerland

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FIFA president Sepp Blatter (I always imagine Daffy Duck saying his name)

When I hear the name of this corrupt pustule all my English-speaking ears hear is “Septic Bladder”.


Okay, so it’s not just me.


Blatter late then never!


I always think of Blattern.
Which is an old name for smallpox.


Can’t say this enough but, sports teams/leagues/organizations (both private or government held) and corruption go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

This week the focus is on FIFA, in a few days that focus could switch over to the NFL over the developments of what kind of bullshit will come out of the Washington Football team or the IOC or NBA agreeing to whatever nonsense to calm down the nerves of the bureaucrats in Beijing or the NCAA finding a brand new way to screw over student athletes or some sort of arm twisting a pro team owned by billionaires will do to convince an struggling city to build a stadium using public funds out of an threat to move said team out of said city. Oh, don’t forget football stadiums being built with slave labor in blistering heat with a bunch of workers literally dropping like flies from the heat. Can’t forget that one.


I hate peanut butter and chocolate, but I’d rather eat a kilo of it than think about Sepp or FIFA for any amount of time.


What? wait a minute… Nobody ever told me that.

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was I always trying to avoid the word splat…

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When I was in BigLaw, I used to work for this complete dick (even by BigLaw standards) partner. He was American, but he would drop in French phrases all the time and then profess disdain that the person to whom he was speaking didn’t also speak French. It was weird. Anyway, at one point I learned that he had been on the FIFA Ethics committee – my first reaction (alas, not to him), was “they have an ethics committee?” – but anyone who would hang out with (let alone be) FIFA executives was clearly suspect in my book.


Well Done! That’s a finely tuned pair of ears you have sir, the ability to hear reality instead of distraction


Step ladder


No, never forget: it is always the IOC. Always. Nothing else in the multiverse is as corrupt as the IOC in this timeline. Hell, it’s even the route by which FIFA became so septic.


Don’t forget, there are the continental association football organisations too (UEFA, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, AFC, CAF, OFC) as well as all the national and regional FAs. Plenty of corruption to go round.

I don’t know how corrupt CONIFA and UAFA are, but I don’t have high expectations even if they aren’t affiliated to FIFA.


I forgot about IFAB, who write the rules of association football. The way the organisation is set up, 50% of the votes go to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The other 50% is FIFA representing the rest of the world.


No there isn’t. The FAI took it all and there’s no corruption left for everyone else.

Not this FAI obvs.

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Fixed that for you.


:notes: A little grift,
A little corruption
With an emphasis on the Blatter :notes:


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