Sepp Blatter banned from FIFA for 8 years


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Actor Tim Roth, who starred as Blatter in a gloriously mistimed and largely FIFA-funded biopic, said the film is awful and that he only did it to put his kids through college. United Passions is lowest-grossing film in U.S. history to receive a general release, according to Wikipedia.


And? It’s just a soccer, nothing serious or worth attention.


“Sepp Blatter” sounds like a horrible and painful infection.

“Where’s Larry?”
“Oh, he couldn’t come in today. He’s got Sepp Blatter. Was in and out of the bathroom all night. They gave him some oxycontin and some cranberry juice.”


It’s important because FIFA got infected with the comical level of extreme corruption that they suffer from via the IOC which is a jaw droppingly corrupt organisation dealing with bribery and corruption on a truly epic scale. And mostly for sports that nobody actually cares anything about, well very, very few anyway. Soccer actually has a following of billions. You don’t need to be a stats fan like baseball, or a jock wannabe like American football (small and skillful players have a role, the current player most people admire is Lionel Messi standing at 1.7m and relatively slight also).

Because of this popularity there is an awful lot of money at play, particularly regarding the big FIFA tournaments, particularly the World Cup which is second only to the summer Olympics in size and money and also in corruption and political shenanigans. This is important because people die, people get defrauded, healthcare money gets spent on vanity projects that run to ruin and uselessness, and due process and human rights gets tramped over for the sake of greed.


On another note of Americans not really quite getting soccer (football) I saw this linked in an article on Salon today

Tucker Carlson replied, “I have often said, when she comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs.” “Every time, involuntarily. It is like those pictures you see of the soccer goalie when they’re about to get the free kick. That’s me when she talks. I can’t help it.”

The goalkeeper adopts a wide stance when there is a free kick with his or her arms spread out and in front of themselves. Every time. This is so they can spring up or jump left or right (if there is a shot from a direct free kick or a penalty) or run out to catch or punch if the ball is placed between the outfield players and the 'keeper (a cross).

The goalkeeper will NEVER stand with crossed legs protecting their genitalia.


So is Sepp going to try for the sympathy vote by flopping and moaning loudly?


He can’t be put in prison soon enough. What got me about this today was Platini got sucked into the vortex, he’s been on the anti-Sepp bandwagon for a while now while.

I suppose we can’t ask for them to just burn the whole thing down at this point, can we?


It’s so quaint, how he tries to be relevant these days. Oh, for the age where one could just put on a bow tie and appear like you know what you’re talking about!


[quote]and maintained he was still the FIFA President[/quote]“I’ll make my own soccer league! With blackjack and hookers!”


And shorter shorts on the ladies!


Two of the front runners to replace him are :

Tokyo Sexwale
Jerome Champagne


I thought one of the front runners was Shlepp Blaffer, no?

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