After Euro defeat, English soccer fans console themselves with night of racial abuse

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In a long tradition of bigotry.

Football fan culture worldwide is as rotten as FIFA is corrupt. If skin colour, nationality or ethnicity is not immediately available as a target of hate, they find something else:


Commiserations to England, congrats to Italy. I do think that if England had trusted its young attacking footballers more, and earlier, they might have won it. Bringing on players cold to take penalties is one of those things that’s a masterstroke if it works, an obviously stupid thing to do if it doesn’t.

Oh, and the politicians condemning this racist abuse who didn’t condemn the racists booing footballers kneeling? You can all go and fuck yourselves as hypocritical, lying, racists.


I think I would rather live in whatever alternate reality had Spain v Denmark in the final.


damn damn the english man


Italy team played well, better than England. Mancini did the right substitutions and didn’t put three young players as cannon fodder. Saka wasn’t known for being a penalty kicker. Belotti is good to make goals from free kicks and penalties, but failed.


And if they didn’t have football they would also find something else. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would fight and shout racist abuse over whether they flipped burgers at McDonald’s or Burger King, if that was the only reason they could find.

Toxic masculinity is the problem, and sports fans need to look at how to remove it from their culture. I include myself in this, a Carlisle United fan who normally doesn’t follow international football but hoped that former Carlisle player Jordan Pickford would get a winners medal.


“dashing the dreams of a nation hoping to emerge from decades of footballing mediocrity”

Ouch, lol.


Proving once again, “you just can’t win”…


I wonder if things would be different if England had won. Racists just gonna racist sometimes.

They should be ashamed, though. That’s their national team. They are denigrating the people who put on the country’s uniform and competed at the highest level of sport. To call it disgusting is an understatement.


I am so proud to have predicted this exact outcome last night. People felt that was cynical of me and that everyone would celebrate the players for getting to the final, which made me wonder if they’d ever visited Britain.


The victims of domestic abuse thank you for your prescience.


I believe I remember seeing signs in the Underground telling people to not be racist at football matches. This would have been around 2003. :confused:


As always, large quantities of morons discredit the rest of us.

I’m not a soccer/football fan, but I am a hockey fan and my team had a similar experience of racist bullshit when they got knocked out of the playoffs (in this case vs. an indigenous player).


The two England players that made their kicks were more experienced starters, and the 3 that missed were less experienced subs. Two of the subs were added in the last minute. Sancho did not have a single touch in the game. That is an idiotic coaching decision to put them in that situation. Why on earth would any coach intentionally hold them on the sideline to the last second and then ask them to take a PK?

Racist idiots hurling insults to cover up the incompetence of a mediocre white man in authority? must be a day ending in ‘y’


Soccer looks like it might have been fun to play when I had knees, but as a game, it makes about as much sense as quidditch. Any game where you can reverse the outcome with one fluke at the end, while it might more closely resemble life, isn’t worth the effort.

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BTW, weren’t we just subjected to a series of stories in the MSM detailing how woke English soccer teams were now?

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Whats really amazing / sad is it wasn’t just ANY mediocre white man. It was Gareth Southgate; the man who missed the penalty in the 1996 euro and cost England a final’s berth 25 years ago. Of all people to know the pressure of this moment , he’s the one who knows it best.


I used to call myself an anglophile, before I fell in love with Hungarian woman living in England, prompting me to make several trips to see her before we married and she came here to live. Those visits taught me that the English are not very nice people, taken as a whole. My wife prefers Americans strongly. It’s little things like strangers striking up a friendly chat in the grocery store or inviting you to a family music gathering just because you happened to be passing by on the sidewalk. That happened with us two weeks ago. She was shocked to be invited to sit in the driveway listening to live bluegrass, and kept saying “This would NEVER happen in Britain!”.


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