Trump insists he could beat Joe Biden in a fight: "He'd go down hard and fast, crying all the way"


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Don’t forget, Trump learned all of his tough-guy talk during his days as a bad-guy heel for the WWE.


This way, violence becomes an imminent spectacle, full of potential, a perfect reinforcement to Trump’s image of himself.


Awesome. A dick-measuring contest between two 70-something year-old “leaders.” Just one more in a long list of reasons to vote more women into leadership.


Where’s Don King when you need him?

Ladies and gentlemen- the thrilla in Foggy Bottom!!!

Do they even make such tiny boxing gloves?



The weigh in would be - well - sad.





Just to be clear…Joe Biden would actual kick his ass without even breaking a sweat.


Call his bluff. I’m sure there’s a boxing ring in DC. Do it all for charity. What would Trump agree to support? The Hair Club For Men?


If you famous or whatever … them rules don’t apply.

Fuck you, twitter.




A prize fight! Donald Trump vs. Jumping Joe Biden! It will be bigger than the Super Bowl!


Did the Canadian MP do a charity boxing match with someone?

I’d pay to see that. (ETA - Trump and Biden box for charity.)


Most of us would pay just to watch him eat ice cream.


So presidential


Ladies and gentlemen, the President of The Untied States of America.


Wait, who is him in this statement?

I don’t think I was clear, I was saying I’d pay to watch Biden and Trump go at it for charity.


Canadian MP


OK - thanks for the clear up… why ice cream, exactly? I feel like I am missing an inside joke.