Dad transforms cat-carrier into pod to protect baby from coronavirus, design inspired by 'Death Stranding' game

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Epic Level Fathering!


Cao’s wife, Fang Lulu

I love these people.


Guy looks like a maker/tinkerer. The one video shows him talking near his work station and looks pretty nice, i also appreciated the Umbrella Corp stickers on the baby carrier.


Always worth noting: Ruptly is a division of RT, the Russian propaganda outlet.


But, don’t the parents have to physically interact with their baby at home, making them the much more likely disease vector (bubble or no bubble) for a non-airborne virus?

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He spent a month on it? Sounds like more of a vanity project for the dad. If it was important then doing something ok quickly would have been more important than taking a month to do something great.

In Heinlein’s “Farmer in the sky”,one character can’t adapt to the low pressure on Ganymede (which has been terraformed to.add an atmosphere).

So they build a leak proof room, with an impeller, and a bubble stretcher, with impeller.

Not quite the same thing, but earlier tyan any computer game.

If only I could find my copy.

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Milk Run 2020.


I am reminded of these:


Reminds me of:

Who knew the end times would be so cute?!


He spent a month (or more) in lock-down, bored, and had a bunch of tinkerer supply stuff just sitting there, maybe? I cannot and will not begrudge this dad his excellent invention.


Artist Patrick Farley gave us the heads up 20+ years ago.
Wish I could find the complete version of his “The Jain’s Death.”

This dad in China created a ‘baby pod’ suit to protect his child from coronavirus. His ingenious DIY design was reportedly based on the action game “Death Stranding.”

I’m going to have to stop you right there…


That Air Master looks interesting. The readouts seem to be only showing CO2, temp and Relative Humidity.

(The ali readouts look a bit shooped.)

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Still, Winnie the poo on the interview is a nice touch! Xi will appreciate.

Guy is a bona fide genius. It also underlines that we have available the means to cobble together useful apparatus to cope with this crisis.

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I haven’t played “Death Stranding,” but I have seen

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