Daily Mail plagiarism surprises few


Play4Real is spot-on here, though they narrowed their scope:

I don’t suppose the UK offers any kind of copyright protection for writers?

It would be nice to see XJ Selman (or the Cracked legal team) put the boots to the Daily Mail. I just appreciate how the editing structure at Cracked has produced articles which are frequently of a higher caliber (both in terms of humour as well as insight, research, etc) than much of what can be found on teh intertoobz. For an old magazine which played second fiddle to Mad, Cracked sure has come into it’s own. In fact, for non-science/non-academic nodes, Cracked ranks up there with BoingBoing in terms of how frequently I refer friends to the site.

I once an article in my local newspaper talking about how a Harvard study of fluoride shows that it lowers people’s IQs (My local paper is owned by the same people who own the Toronto Sun, so this was probably not the stupidest thing printed that day). This set off my bullshit detector so I decided to find out what the Harvard study actually said, figuring some skeptic website had written a rebuttal. The first result I found that wasn’t a reprint of the same “news story” was this:

Cracked is a more reliable news source with more journalistic integrity than my local newspaper.

Yeah, so is The Onion. And The Daily Show. Long tradition here. You want the truth, talk to the jesters.

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