Dalai Lama asks child to suck his tongue

Or he could always just step down if his “regret” was genuine.

(And the responses from his spokespersons’ and supporters’ make them sound as if they’ve taken lessons from the GOP.)


And still no barf emoji.


There are many human endeavors that are difficult to master within a single lifetime, like “loving one’s enemies” or “composing a grand symphony” or “folding a fitted sheet properly.” But avoiding requests like “hey kid, suck my tongue!” does seem like the sort of thing most people would be able to figure out on the first go-round.


Is this just a cultural thing?

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I’ve wondered if there might be something happening here which wasn’t literal. I’ve affectionately told more than a few folks to kiss my ass. Taken literally that would obviously be a problem. But I’m also not willing to give any famous and famously powerful/influential person that much benefit of the doubt without something pretty persuasive. I’m not sure I consider Vice to be persuasive. Oddly enough though, I’m apparently partisan enough that hearing that Sameera Khan condemns it is almost enough to write it off as no big deal. THAT is clearly not healthy or objective but is definitely a part of my thoughts.

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He can’t step down. In the belief, he’s the literal reincarnation of a guy. He can’t “stop” being the reincarnation without dying. That’s the whole point. He never even chose to BE the guy, much less can choose to not be the guy.

It’d be like me saying “Maybe I should step down from being a human being” but not meaning dying. That’s his only real way out of this, and when he does, then China will immediately use their incarcerated Panchen Lama to “find” the next reincarnated Dalai Lama and that’s that.

Now I know asking someone to believe in reincarnation is likely a bridge to far, especially here, but this isn’t like the Pope where a Cardinal gets elevated into the position. This guy isn’t just the Dalai Lama. He’s the 14th Dalai Lama and was the second he was born.

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The role of “Dalai Lama” is institutionalized in Tibet. The Tibetan people have the constitutional right to remove one from that position. That power more than implies that the current Dalai Lama can step down if he wishes.

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… according to his creed that’s not really a thing

Even after he’s reincarnated he’ll still be this same old tongue sucker in a new body :confused:

Dalai Herpes.

This is not true. He’s a reincarnated being, he can’t be “removed” from anything. I don’t see where that page you linked says otherwise. He made a draft constitution. That constitution never was put into play. What IS in play is the Charter of the Tibetan people in exile: Constitution - Central Tibetan Administration

What he DID do was irrevocably remove all political and executive power from his direct and infallible control for all time. He did that because he was concerned the Panchen Lama has been controlled by China to choose a renegade Dalai Lama. He stated that he would notify the Tibetan government in exile who the Panchen Lama is before he died, but that it would not be someone in China, and not be known until after seals are broken when he dies. That person will find the 15th Dalai Lama, and as the Tibetan constitution currently puts it:

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the manifestation of Avalokiteshwara in human form, the
designated deity of Tibet, is the divine lord of the Three Realms, a champion of world peace, the
master of all Buddhist teachings, the protector of all Tibetans, and their supreme leader and guide.
He is the objective embodiment of the Tibetan people, the symbol of their unity, and a free
spokesperson for all Tibetans. He attained this status on the basis of the ardent desire of the Tibetan
people with their centuries-old historical development, culture and sovereignty. Accordingly, the
following responsibilities and authorities are inherent in His Holiness.

When he says the TIbetan people can remove him, what he means is that through the force of Karma and rebirth, the Tibetan deity known as Avalokiteshwara can choose not to return to an earthly manifestation. Or as he’s said himself, he’s undecided at this point if he wishes to reincarnate or just simply enter nirvana.

So no. You can’t ask the Tibetan state god to not exist anymore. He’s infallible by rule. Even though he has no more political powers.

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So, child tongue sucking will continue?


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If not by the 14th, then the 15th, unless he learns that even if it was meant to be a playful joke, it was in quite bad taste. If it wasn’t a joke, well… That’s also a larger problem for the Tibetan government in exile.

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Joking, or not joking aside… he’s a world political figure, and therefore should be questioned on that basis when he opines on the politics of other countries. For instance, his views in 2018 re refugees and immigrants in Europe:

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