The fundraising scandal of the Dalai Lama foundation



Wow, looks like those scumbags got a way better deal than they deserved… I guess that’s why he’s called His Holiness.


If you do a little research, you will find that most groups who claim they are Dalai Lama followers calling people to give them money are actually charlatans. Because Dalai Lama himself is a big old phony.


I don’t believe in any of the religious claims associated with DL myself, but I do think a new poster should probably back up “the big old phony” statement with something…


Personally (personally, mind) I think that calling himself, and having his followers call him “His Holiness” is plenty of fodder to call the Dalai Lama a phony. But that’s just my allergy to religious bullshit.

ETA: He’ll have to win the JREF million dollar challenge before I even consider addressing him as “His Holiness”.


Does he really refer to himself in the third person?

Also, well, one could mean a few things by calling him a “phony.” You could be rejecting his religious claims. Or trying to say that he’s not as wonderful a figure as the Western media makes him out to be. So, it’s just as much clarification as back up that’s needed. But that’s just my fifty cents…


Let me put on an excerpt of an old article from Time magazine of 1957. It helps people to see the Dalai Lama came from then and there to now and here:

Two of the world’s most out-of-thi­s-world spiritual leaders, the Dalai Lama, 21, and his sidekick, the Panchen Lama, 19, Red-ruled gods-on-ea­rth to some 3,000,000 Tibetans, neared the close of their six-week tour of India honoring the 2,500th anniversar­y of the death of Buddha–and celebrated in a great big way. Picking up $105,000 petty cash one morning at Calcutta’s Communist-­capitalist Bank of China, the Dalai Lama continued his madcap spending spree. No haggler, the Lama snapped up a $1,300 diamond-st­udded watch; when told it was a bit costly, he emitted a hearty, innocent laugh. He also amassed some German cameras, Swiss watches, radios and fountain pens, dropped about $3,000 at the races on tardy nags. He drew the line one evening, however, when a naughty Calcutta nightclub, featuring a couple of near-naked girl dancers, rang him up to confirm his table reservatio­n. Protesting that the Lama was a wag’s logical victim, his secretary cried: “This is horrible! This could never happen in Tibet!”


Eh, I was kinda annoyed at Niel DeGrasse Tyson for constantly addressing him as “Your holiness”, over and over again on stage. I mean, Tyson’s a great guy, very into not rocking the boat, but he’s definitely an atheist, and I personally consider it patronizing and dishonest to use such religious honorifics if I don’t believe in them. I can still cut the guy some slack for doing what he feels is best for his work (educating the masses and popularizing science).


That excerpt talks about then, but doesn’t address now. Is he the same person now as he was then? 21 can be a very callow age.


Heh, I’m 25 years old now, and I consider 21 year old me a child in comparison to who I am now. And in another few years, I’ll look back on myself and see that I was a child now too.


Neither Google Image or Tineye come back with any hits for that image. Suspicious.

Has this got anything to do with Dorje Shugden/China?


I found it here on Imgur:

Also found the same comic here: (appears to be Chinese. Also, only 4 posts on that blog)

After that, my google-fu gives out. But other search results indicate that the “Dalai Lama Foundation” indeed was fraudulent but now has been integrated into the Dalai Lama’s legit (as far as a religious organization can be legitimate) funding stream.


Probably. The original poster has only posted four times here. The first and third posts seem to be content-light cover posts, made to create the illusion that he(?) is not a one issue poster. A day after these posts, he posts an anti-DL post.

Also, worth noting that north_sun doesn’t quite seem to be a native English speaker. His phrasings seem a little bit stilted. Of course, his name is Hans Norman, could be North European. However, it is a funny thing that both Hans and Pilot_No1771 (Jack Antony) have two first names. Quite the coincidence.


This story tell us do not give money to foundation or charity before you do the search…


Pretty much, yeah. is a good resource and starting-point. If you’re going to donate, that site gives a generalization of the efficiency of the organization you’re donating to, and will tell you the public records regarding overhead and such.


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