Dallas P.D. fires Amber Guyger, cop who entered neighbor's apartment and killed him

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Well, that’s something, I guess.


That’s a bummer. I guess she’ll have a slightly longer commute as she’s immediately hired to be a cop in the next town over.




Yeah, turns out the secret to holding cops accountable for murder was right in front of us the whole time! Now we just have to replace all male officers with women and we won’t bat an eyelash in prosecutions or firings! Seems so obvious now…

Seriously, though, this whole thing is really sick. Other officers have committed far more egregious acts and gotten away with literal murder. Suddenly they see the light? She should face the consequences of her actions and I think this is more than fair, but I can’t help but think she’d be back on patrol or paid vacation if she were a he.


I’m expecting the next police force she works for to issue her a commendation and award a citation for valor within her first year on the job.


:cry: :sob: :rage:


Did they ever do a drug or sobriety test on her? Has her apartment been searched? I’m pretty sure that’s a no


That kkkop will be found innocent; but the civil lawsuit will put a huge ding in the city’s insurance rates!

I’m sure they did ASAP after she was sober.


When your key doesn’t work and you start forcing your way into your apartment that is the moment to do the sanity check to make sure you are on the right fucking floor.

I guess firing is the absolute least they can do considering the neighbor had pot and apparently was asking for it.

She’ll make a great ICE employee / goon.


I think the biggest difference here is she was off duty at the time so she doesn’t by default get the huge benefits of police friendly definitions of justified shootings not that she’s a woman. I don’t follow every shooting so I could be wrong but don’t 99% of them happen on duty while they’re nominally prosecuting some police business?

For a while I was worried they’d try to extend the on duty ‘reasonable fear’ justifications to her as an off duty officer which would have incredible consequences to holding police accountable for any crime even those that can’t be flimsily attached to police duty. Of course we’re not completely out of those woods yet but her getting fired is at least the first step.

It’s unfair how they’re treating Guyger. Sad! And she wouldn’t be fired if she was a man

So do I need to keep a loaded firearm in my home to protect my family from off-duty police officers?

I guess we’re on Htrae and the Bizarro Mutropolis Police create murderers instead of catching them.

Sooooo, that looks to me like they didn’t fire her for killing the guy, they fired her for “adverse conduct” when they finally got around to arresting her for killing the guy.

What’s “adverse conduct” in this context? If it’s more of a firing offense than shooting an unarmed civilian whose home you just broke into, that must have been one heck of an arrest.


I’m also curious to know what “adverse conduct” is in this case.

It’s hard to believe that she took a swing at one of her colleagues when they finally, reluctantly put the cuffs on her (if they ever did). Presumably it’s something that her department really isn’t willing to cover for, for fear of being implicated. About all I can think of is lying outright to Internal Affairs, or either planting or destroying evidence (or trying to persuade someone else to do so).


That weed they found in Jean’s apartment - it was intentionally ambiguous as to whether the weed was found in Jean’s apartment, or if it was found in Guyger’s belongings.


She’s currently the frontrunner to replace Jeff Sessions.

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