Dallas cop charged with manslaughter after killing neighbor in his apartment

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He looked menacing. Entirely appropriate. Move along, citizen.


In what other profession is the word “veteran” used to describe someone still employed who has done the job for four years?


One might argue whether it was manslaughter or murder, but there’s no doubt that if the roles were reversed, the suspect would not only have been immediately arrested but also, if he survived the arrest, charged with murder. That cops are held to a lower standard than untrained civilians is ass-backwards.



Assuming the apartment is pretty much brand new and furnishings therefore remain the same; what the hell is the likelihood that a godfearing black male accountant (assumption based on his employer) has decorated his apartment in a similar manner to an a white female gun weilding cop?


One that frequently requires less professional training than it does to become a barber. https://www.cnn.com/2016/09/28/us/jobs-training-police-trnd/index.html


I was pretty tired recently and got off at the wrong floor & tried to get into “my apartment”.

The only harm caused was to my self esteem.


He opened the door while she was trying to get in. Depending on the layout there might not have been any furnishings or decorations immediately visible.

What doesn’t make sense is why she shot so quickly. I mean sure, I’d be startled too if I was trying to open my door and a man in his underwear opened it first. But I’d like to think that I’d ask a question or two before pulling the trigger.

Of course it helps her that she had plenty of time to work on her story. This happened Thursday night, and as of the press conference held early Friday afternoon she hadn’t been questioned. Also she wasn’t arrested until Sunday evening, and was processed and out on bail in two hours. I don’t think most people are treated so kindly in a situation where the shooting is clearly not justified.



America has a cop problem.


For me it’s this timeline, that she got off work at 10am. She tried her key in the lock, and when it didn’t work.Then she started yelling “Police, open up!” enough so that the neighbors were all aware something was going down. The neighbors thought the two were talking through the door, then when he opened the door, she shot him.

This gives me a far less charitable over this woman’s behavior. Anyone else would be tossed in a cell while they figure it out.


A few years ago, very late one evening, I was minding my own business at home when I heard a great commotion of banging and yelling from my front door. I went to check it out and saw a vaguely familiar looking older gentleman, clearly intoxicated, glaring at me through the little window in the door. “Hey! What are you doing in my house? Get out of my house!” and so forth. After some futile back-and-forth over whose house this was and some mutual threats to call the police, we were eventually able to determine that his house was, in fact, two doors down. When I walked past it the next morning, I noticed there was no window in the front door, a detail which escaped the notice of the guy as he was arguing through the nonexistent window of “his” front door.

Fortunately, neither of us had a gun handy, so this is just an amusing anecdote.


Those events make me think she was more than just really tired.


‘Came home from her shift’ translates to ‘Staggered in, completely lit after post-work drinks, walked through the wrong door and shot her neighbour’ is a safe bet sez I.


Also emotional? Not quite herself? Overwrought?


All of this makes me wonder if this could have been premeditated. Cops know they can get away with murder, it’s only a matter of time before they start using that “perk” for personal vendettas.


Exactly. Assuming for a moment the account of her actions are accurate. That fits a reasonable scenario of an intoxicated human being.


The layers of awfulness in this story make me want to hurt someone. Remind me again, why police departments don’t want to hire recruits with an IQ over 100? If this is the kind of cool thinking and quick judgement a beat cop has when off duty, how much worse can it get under the pressure of day to day police work?

I don’t care if she gets a commiserate sentence for manslaughter–if the Dallas police chief can keep his job after this, justice has not been served.


Wait, she yelled “Police, open up!” at (what she thought was) her own apartment?

Either police training is so ingrained that this kind of thing becomes second nature, or she was more than a little impaired by the time she got home.


That was the timeline in the other articles I read. They were interviewing neighbors, and I think it was her story that the key didn’t work so she started yelling.


"Right now, there are more questions than answers,"

Roger That!