Dan Brown's Origin on sale for $3 in Kindle edition

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Dan Brown??? Dear fucking christ on a stick, that is over-priced by something like $1003. Dan Brown is a retched author, and yes, I’ve attempted one book. Made it through five whole pages before giving up. Twice. Yes, I gave it a second chance. You would literally have to pay me to waste my time on his crap.


Do yourself a favor and pass it up. It is a terrible book.

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I came here to witness the shitting on Dan Brown’s work.

Keep up the good work, guys!


Renowned BoingBoinger Mark Frauenfelder opened his 2016 rose-gold Mac Book Pro, with its quad core i7 chip and extra RAM memory, and launched the Microsoft Word word-processing program to compose a post about the celebrated author Dan Brown, writer of The Da Vinci Code and other celebrated novels, little knowing of the literal hornets’ nest he would soon be literally stirring up …


Yeah, uh… no.

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Is this one different from The Da Vinci Code? Because about a decade ago, I read three of his novels, and they were all The Da Vinci Code. English professor on a quest? Check. Hot twentysomething babe who can’t resist middle-aged men? Check. Relentless assassin? Check…


Now we know what @frauenfelder has for a happy mutation: he likes Dan Brown’s writing enough to troll other mutants. His is a rare mutation amongst happy mutants, but if it makes him happy, go for it.

Oh, and I just want to add that it fits in with the other stuff that he promotes. :smirk:


“I didn’t choose the Dan Brown life, the Dan Brown life chose me!”


Hmm… you’re making his books sound pretty good.

I bought Douglas Coupland’s Generation A last week because it was on sale for $2. So far, it’s pretty good. A $3 Dan Brown novel might be next.

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Douglas Copeland is to Dan Brown as Glenn Miller is to Mrs. Miller.


I guess I have terrible taste.

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Dan Brown novels are like fast food from an international chain.
A novelty at first.
Okay as a guilty pleasure every now and then, when you’re in the mood for it (or can’t get anything else).
Not healthy as a steady diet.

(Not really. BBS threads of this type attract the snarkier sort of commenters. One can’t argue with DB’s success.)

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Is this the one where shadowy government agencies try to fake extraterrestrial fossils in Antarctica or something like that?

IIRC it was pretty bad, even for him…

Dan Brown’s Origin on sale for $3 in Kindle edition

$2.99 too much.

That was Deception Point. I actually quite enjoyed that one.

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