Dancing hamster in Kia ads charged with fraud


So which is the bigger crime…
Disability fraud or performing as a dancing, hip-hop hamster to shill crappy South Korean cars?

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I knew you couldn’t trust those short, beady-eyed bastards (hamsters, not Koreans).

In my heart I knew he wasn’t going to be charged with fraud because he wasn’t really a hamster, yet I still find myself a little sad after clicking.


I was hoping so too.

Now to get serious.
How does appearing in a commercial prove disability fraud? Couldn’t he have gone through some great pain to make a one shot payday? We are so afraid as westerners of letting someone get by receiving a basic income, we as a society expect the disabled to be some sort of monk suspended between death and the most terrible life never engaging in forbidden activity which we disapprove under threat of criminal charges. Even the approval requires the energy and time to complete the bureaucratic games which is often lacking in people with true disability.
Fraud is bad but how we hold the threat of fraud over the heads of the disabled is so much worse.

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My Kia Soul and Sportage have been better made automobiles than any GM, Ford, or especially Chrysler vehicles I’ve owned over the past 20 years. And they’ve been less than half the price.

A very important point. In this particular case, it looks pretty bad - it’s not one commercial, he was working hard for over a year. But the media just love to conflate this into “all those disability cheats.” And that’s a hideously false narrative.

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