Darth Vader and Son gives us a funny peek at Vader's hypothetical daddy side

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His Jedi Academy series is also extremely cute while being extremely geeky; Jeffery Brown is a Star Wars fan and a dad, and both of those things come out in these comics.

And if you want to read some Jeffrey Brown before he found his Star Wars calling, definitely check out Clumsy, Unlikely, and Funny Misshapen Body.


Welcome to 2012, but it is still adorable.

In the interest of gender equality, if you have a little girl, consider Vader’s Little Princess


What kind of father takes his kid to a bar? THE BEST FATHER IN THE UNIVERSE.


Yeah, 2016 is all about the strangely familiar antics of grandpa Vader.


One of my buddies at work has that, it’s adorable!

My five year old son received this for Christmas and loved it so much he had it memorized within a half dozen readings.

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