Tiny pink Stormtrooper


They say it was a little girl in there, but that seems to be citing facts not in evidence. In any event, this kid is hella cute.

Objection! How do you know it’s a kid? It could be Mac from the hit movie Mac & Me.

awwww… look at the little…


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“Aren’t you a little… pink, for a storm trooper?”


What a disappointment. I remember when BoingBoing presented a pink Vader last year, there was much raging and gnashing of teeth, Are we so jaded a possibly-gendered Storm Trooper doesn’t even outrage us any more?

I love the bow. Nice touch. All stormtroopers should be mandated to wear them.

OMG - so cute. I want to make one for my little girl.

The cute is strong with his one.

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…and in Imperial news, height standards for Stormtroopers reaches a new low ;p

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You aim like a little… oh!

I really hope that’s C.J. Duron in there. He’s going to be really jealous if it’s someone else.
For those who don’t know him, see his mom’s blog at raising my rainbow

Why are you disappointed/ I think pink stormtroopers are a great idea, with either a boy or girl inside. No outrage is one of those rare signs that the world is getting better.

I too expected great gnashing of teeth. Too bad, I wanted a good laugh.

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