Darwin's kids used now-priceless manuscript as scrap paper




Somehow that seems like it makes the manuscripts even better.




I’d call this an enormous improvement since it reminds us that even the greatest scientific breakthroughs are made by people with lives outside the laboratory.


That kid was a great artist, too.


On the Order of the Species?

Never heard of it.


Needs more ancient astronauts armed with flamethrowers and riding dinosaurs.


It’s interesting that the birds are so multi-coloured but the insects are just b&w line drawings.


Anyone who seriously studies historical texts gets used to this. Medieval manuscripts are particularly good for marginal doodles, not to mention referential illumination alluding to medieval marginal doodle “standards”.


Wasn’t the issue that paper was quite expensive? You couldn’t just pop down to Staples and get reams of it for cheap.

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