Data Breach: Millions of Instagram 'influencers,' celebrities, and brands' data found online

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The database, hosted by Amazon Web Services, was left exposed and without a password allowing anyone to look inside,”

This is the kind of lazy corner-cutting that takes real effort.


Gee, I wonder how they got all that juicy private info from Instagram, a company owned by Facebook, who has been more then happy to let third parties access private data for a price. Gosh, if only we could figure this out. Such a mystery. . .


Data Breach: Millions of Instagram ‘influencers,’ celebrities, and brands’ data found online

I hardly care after seeing this (pretty good) documentary just yesterday:

#followme is a new documentary film about Instagram released on Instagram. The 49-minute film aims to expose the “lawless economics of Instagram,” diving into the “shocking” world beneath the surface of a photo-sharing social network that’s home to 1 billion active users.

Created by the Dutch public broadcaster VPRO, the free-to-watch film was launched this week on Instagram TV but can also be watched as a vertical YouTube video above.

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