Daughter-belting judge loses seat to primary challenger


This. was. the most disturbing thing I have seen on the Internet since… I can’t remember when.

When the Mom comes in to mitigate/enable? the situation and says, “You are a 16 year old girl, take it like a grown woman.” that was it for me. I had seen enough.

I don’t know what else to say, I am shocked and saddened.


love to get my hands on those two. i have a great deal of pent-up rage that would love to meet them.


I’m really against this kind of corporal punishment. But the whole, well, terror-violence porn aspect of posting the video on a blog? A blog that, hmmm, last time I checked, kind of tended to rant a bit about personal privacy? I guess that all, well, goes out the window when there’s another point to be made?

I will say, I did get spanked by my Mom when I was a little kid, had my mouth washed out with soap a few times. Not as extreme as this video, but not, well, exactly pleasant. And you know what? My Mom is pretty darn cool, we have a close relationship today, she’s a very decent, spiritual person, and definitely realizes today the err of using corporal punishment in child-rearing (she’s actually a preschool teacher at a Reggio-Emilia style school, extremely cool and progressive). Hell, she was a hippy for goodness’ sakes. She got belted by her father as a kid, and my grandfather was a pretty wonderful guy himself.

Corporal punishment is nasty, doesn’t really hold up in my opinion, and in a more extreme form (which I’d definitely consider what takes place in this video) should probably be made illegal – but it does not totally break a parent-child relationship in and of itself, in all cases. I can’t personally fathom it, but I do know that a parent can have quite a lot of legitimate love for their offspring and still inflict physical violence on them. We might do better to try to understand this more as a culture, and work to put an end to it through better child-rearing education, than just post videos on the internet of other families’ intimate lives at their worst.

OK, is someone now going to tell me I’m blaming the victim? I suppose so, this is bb after all. And I so loooooved Falcor the Luck Dragon as a child, now I FEAR him! :wink:


You know, there are actually better ways of dealing with pent-up rage than perpetuating the cycle. Therapy might be a good first step.


And I saw a photo of a dead guy in Latin America with about 25 knives stuck out of him pop up in my Facebook photo stream the other day. I’m going to call that worse, for me personally anyway.

So who made the video? I assume it was the daughter.
What will happen to her for causing her father to loose his job by videotaping him and uploading this video on the Internet?

All I could think was: it would have been so easy for that little lady’s foot to have gone where it should not. It would have been karmic justice. But yes, it happened to me. and no matter what they say about ‘therapy’, it still hurts.

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not “perpetuating” any “cycle” from this end, thanks. my parents fucking rock.

however, this is a prime example of the weak being stomped on, and that pos and his pos wife have it coming.

save your psychiatry for someone who thinks their actions are justified.


Hey, yo, you said “I have a great deal of pent up rage,” not me, and the cycle I was speaking of is the larger overall cycle of violence, wasn’t making any comment about your parents.

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to quote a near-cliche’: if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.


The (now-adult) girl took the video and posted it online herself in order to publicly expose her father for the cruel, not-fit-to-be-a-judge rage machine that he is. Clearly, she cared more about exposing this behavior than she cared about her personal privacy.


I actually was going to do a little poking because I wondered if that was the case, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and take your word for it, in which case, yeah, if she wanted it publicized, so be it.

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I imagine not much, given that this video was recorded in 2004, putting the daughter in her mid-20s now.

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I can not really follow the discussion here. Why is that man not in jail for assault and battery of a minor? A minor supposed to be under his protection no less. I don’t know much about the US justice system but in any sane country he would go to jail for a long time.


William Adams, the Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge

  1. “Judge”
  2. “Texas”

oh, and because problems with addition are completely forgivable, apparently.


I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad.

It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth, banks are going bust, shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter. Punks are running wild in the street and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it.

We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat, and we sit watching our TVs while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We know things are bad - worse than bad. They’re crazy.

It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out anymore. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, ‘Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won’t say anything. Just leave us alone.’ Well, I’m not gonna leave you alone. I WANT YOU TO GET MAD!

I don’t want you to protest. I don’t want you to riot - I don’t want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn’t know what to tell you to write. I don’t know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first, YOU’VE GOT TO GET MAD!

You’ve got to say, ‘I’m a HUMAN BEING, God damn it! My life has VALUE!’

So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’

I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell - ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!.. You’ve got to say, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’

Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”

-Network, 1976

We’ve been mad for almost forty years now. When does it start paying off?


Wow, you could have saved a whole lot of your discussion if you had read about this before posting.


Aside from the main issue here - that this guy is a contemptible asshole who deserves much, much worse - I’d just like to point out: Making judges (or prosecutors, or police chief, or most other positions in the judicary/law enforcement) an elective office is a terrible idea. Besides the so-called “War on Drugs”, it’s one of the main culprits for the current state of the Prison-Industrial complex in the US.


That would definitely be illegal in the UK, even a smack on the arse is illegal now.
Personally, I did get smacked a few times as a kid, but I only ever remember it being because I’d done something wrong, but nowadays my mum does say she feels guilty even for that.