Dave tells the story behind his killer bread

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Thanks @Rusty_Blazenhoff for posting this story.
Dave’s Killer Bread is not well known here in Canada. I started buying it mostly due to how dense it is - a loaf is over 700g. I think it’s superior to any of the other ‘healthy’ breads out there.

Of course the bread is really not the focus of this story - I hope Dave continues to find peace in his life - sounds like it’s been a rough ride.


It’s tasty, but it’s also more expensive than most breads.


Weird seeing that bread bag come up on my feed. I’ve been using that exact one to cover my splint to shower. It was like seeing an old friend.
Dave’s Whole Wheat is a big part of my diet. Good stuff. I don’t care about his story, though I certainly wish him well. It was recommended by a nutritionist when I told her how much I missed bread.


Says something about us that a rock and roll dude is better at implying wholesomeness than staid homemakers like, say, Betty Crocker or 80s Martha Stewart.

Dave’s is good stuff! I’ll not sully my toaster with anything else, if I can help it. I wish him well.

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