David Cameron and Prince William condemned in leaked FIFA bribery and corruption report

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/28/shiny-faced-pig-sticker.html


I hope they beat the charges, otherwise they might get relegated to the lower tier professional corruption leagues of F1 or the IOC.



The rest of them I can understand, but William? What would your mum say if she were here?


It’s trump style distraction. They are accused of discussions about trading votes. Meanwhile the rest of FIFA was bribing it’s way to Russia and the Middle East. But of course any slander on the royal family or a Tory suits your agenda so ignore the source, ignore the motivation and ignore the context. Well played.

Isn’t that the sort of thing that knighthoods have always been used for?

H’mmm the headline doesn’t match the boing boing post or the article linked. I was looking for the part where they were condemned…

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But, but, that’s what we have the Royals for…

I’ve heard once on the radio in a history broadcast that the British attachment to monarchy is less solid than it may look from the outside, and is somewhat contingent to the royal family’s behaviour. I think this is the kind of shit that can fragilise it.

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