David Cameron now all alone in demanding crypto backdoors, doubles down on antibiotic resistant superterrorists

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Hameron needs those backdoors to get evidence that everyone else had sex with pigs too. He knows we did it. Come on, why won’t we admit it?


Nope, not quite alone - some Indian friends have shared the Indian government’s proposal.

Cryptography would be limited to a short list of long-obsolete ciphers and hashes (DES, MD5, etc.) and in addition, both sides of any encrypted communication would be required to keep the entire content of all encrypted exchanges around in clear text for 90 days and surrender it to the police on demand.

I think they have beaten out the US and the UK.

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As soon as he explicitly denies receiving fellatio from a dead pig, the pictures will come out.

If he admits it, Scotland will get another referendum post-haste and devolve without much trouble.

He’d rather people spread rumours than actually be responsible for the dissolution of the UK.

Pig fucker that he is.

Oh… something on topic… uh, all this posturing is just a show to distract people from his pig fellatist.

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this is all a big misunderstanding - Mr. Cameron was once very well acquainted with a pig named crypto - he is just very confused about what he is actually requesting.

Oh, Cameron… You’re always making rasher decisions and sticking with them.


advocates have announced that they'll wait until a terrorist attack and then use that as the excuse for fresh demands

Right. They’ll “wait.”

Wait, fellatio? I assumed he’d fucked the neck. Still teeth in that mouth after all.

Mmmmmm hmmmmm.

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