David Cameron raps the Tory's nasty party manifesto




If you would supply him with the lyrics he’d probably be happy to do a version straight through without cuts.


This has been doing the rounds (edit: again.) Origin unknown, but I snagged it from @bobbylew’s Twitter.


That one’s old. It was in the book of graffiti I had as a kid, but with ‘David Cameron’ replaced with ‘Jim Callaghan’ or some other contemporary politician.


Thought so. Still, new to me and works just as well with Tony Abbot. Now, where’d I leave my sharpie…


I’m only sorry that I can ‘Like’ this just once.


I was tempted to set up a few new accounts myself.


It’s too bad hand dryers don’t have buttons any more. You also never see condom dispensers these days — “THIS GUM TASTES LIKE RUBBER”


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