British PM to resign immediately to make way for Theresa May


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Is there any consensus yet on just what song it appears to be?

At any rate, it doesn’t sound like he feels especially concerned about all the havoc his little Game of Phallic Object Swinging has caused.


This is unexpected, I thought he would be able to survive a few months more. The British politics will be very interesting, for all meanings of the word. I’m very curious about the outcome, fear the worst and hope the best.

Did he hum Ode to Joy? Or, maybe even better, Oh du lieber Augustin?

O, you dear Augustin, Augustin, Augustin, O, you dear Augustin, all is lost!

Augustin, Augustin,
Lie down in your grave!
O, you dear Augustin,
All is lost!


I was really hoping it would be a slow Yakkity Sax, but no. I hear a section of the Imperial March, though I’m sure there’s some projection.


Seems like he’s recreating a sad moment from “Yes, Prime Minister.”


What’s the half-life for British politicians in leadership positions now? A week? Three days?

I imagine that before the end of the year (that is, after Cameron becomes PM again just to be able to resign a second time), the Supreme Space Lizard will beam down to Earth to sort out the mess his underlings have created, and then resign a week later in dismay.


Nah, it’s Recessional:

The tumult and the shouting dies
The captains and the kings depart
Still stands thine ancient sacrifice
An humble and a contrite heart…[]…
Far called, our navies melt away
On dune and headland sink the fire
Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
Is one with Nineveh and Tyre…


Play 'im off, keyboard cat.


I would give all the kudos in my possession for anyone who’ll sample Cameron’s “doo’s”, “do’s” and “rights” and produce a version of Yackity Sax with them.


Which is British for:

Chaos, panic, and disorder. My work here is done.


Meanwhile, I’ll note that Cameron sounds happy enough, considering that he’s kneed the British economy in the groin and almost certainly disunited the United Kingdom permanently.

Alas, HTML does not allow me to properly express the contempt I feel for the man when I say, “You fucker!”


“He recoiled from the shock, and fell back on a conveniently placed sack of money” - forget author.


Is this any better?




I will give this my best shot later.



It was a secret signal to let him back in.


Pretty sure this was it:

(From the creators of Hello Kitty.)


The happy tune was a result of the weight taken off of his mind by making the announcement.

I like to think the ‘Right…’ comment was just before the mic cut off. The whole thing was:

“Right. Samantha! I’ve finished screwing the country, you’re next!”


If i didn’t know any better i’d swear that had been dubbed on for charlie brooker’s newswipe or something. Bizarre.

[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:81253”]
Then, as he closed the door, he paused a moment and added a stout “Right”—the customary rhetorical punctuation mark of a British man who has completely and irremediably ruined everything around him.[/quote]

Yyyyup. The perfect british ending to the fuckwittery that this past few weeks has been. Has it really been only a few weeks? Christ. Let me hide under the sheets.