David Harbour is going to anchor a Gran Turismo movie

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Unless it was /screaming voice MORTAL KOMBAT /que techno


Exactly. Came to say just that.


Ahhh. . . this just means the possibilities are endless.

But it still annoys me how Hollywood picks up projects like this-- a combination of “we’re out of ideas” and “hey, this can make money.” Meanwhile indie directors have to hustle to make truly interesting films on tight budgets.

Also: good for David Harbour. He’s one of those actors who’s done excellent supporting roles in films for years.

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Everything is just a brand now. Applying the Gran Turismo brand to a movie is less weird than to candy, breakfast cereal, or any number of other arbitrarily weird things that brands are applied to, I guess.

It’s mildly annoying, though. Brands being treated so interchangeably doesn’t speak well of marketers’ opinions of us. However if it works, I guess they are not wrong. :unamused:


Ahh I see, so they’ve decided to go The Last Starfighter with the plot. That’s a bold move, let’s see how that works out for them!

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Sort of. It was a legitimate thing they were doing for a while, having Gran Turismo players racing against each other online to compete for the chance to see if they could become a real race car driver. Not sure if that program is still active or not, I heard about it a few years ago.


I wonder why Mortal Kombat worked so well? I mean, it’s not a good movie. It’s just not a bad one. I guess the entire premise of MK - kung fu battles to the death between humans and monster-people from an evil dimension - is basically canned action movie dreck, and the series is happy being loaded with scenery-chewing pointless melodrama as games. The 10th game for example has a surprisingly fun campaign/plot mode that’s stupidly entertaining and playable by normal people who just button mash. (MK 11 sadly is more of the same, making it very meh.)

Also the ‘soundtrack’ and its sequel “Mortal Kombat: More Kombat” are absolutely fantastic 90’s industrial-metal banger fests.

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