Teaser trailer for Gran Turismo, a movie based on a game based on a motorsport based on a type of car

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Is he going to get his dream race in the big leagues and though he struggles valiantly he doesn’t actually win?

Should have called it Rocky Road.


Playstation-exclusive racing game series Gran Turismo has always occupied sort of a weird niche – it’s like the game you get as part of a bundle with the new PlayStation and then play for a week while you’re waiting for the games you actually want

Hey now some of us bought the playstation just for the Gran Turismo Games. Version three and four were my favorite of the series, and I have most recently been playing version six again. Haven’t bothered to pick up the latest though, after hearing all the bad reviews.


Those are fightin’ words, friend! I think you’re either a sim racing gamer or you’re not. If you are, you likely have an entire corner of your living space devoted to Gran Turismo, as it is the absolute leader of the genre with no serious challengers for that title.

Away with you, peasant. It’s not for you.


I never played it myself, but the various soundtracks seem to be just as fondly remembered as the games themselves. At least in the UK.

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For the low, low price of a new car, this simulator can be yours. :slight_smile:


Hey now, that’s not fair.

Our bundle came with Jak and Daxter too, so GT didn’t get more than a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll wait for the novelization.

:nerd_face: Actually…

It’s based on e-Sports to motor sports racing acadamy run by Nissan.

It’s been running for over 15yrs and drivers that have come up through the ranks have podiumed in places like the Le Mans 24hr.

You could look at it as a way for lesser privileged but still talented drivers to join the pro ranks - without having to had parents willing to pay thousands and thousands to bring them up in the world.

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