Grand Theft Auto 6 gets first trailer and release window

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Not so much a trailer as a compilation of a few cut scenes.


I’ve been recently replaying some of GTA:SA, which is making me think I may actually consider buying GTA:VI when it is finally released, with one cranky caveat: I bought and played GTA:V for PC when it came out, but ended up not even coming close to finishing it because I found the controls cumbersome and excessive, particularly how much had to be done with the in-game cell phone. Like, Rockstar, can I just play the game and not have to F’ around with a phone?


Indeed, the game is called Grand Theft Auto, not Grand Mobile Auto, not Grand RC Plane Auto.

It is a shame that there doesn’t seem to be a way to customize the main characters; swapping around race, gender, etc. I guess that requires a lot more voice acting; though, I’d have thought that some filters could be used to alter the sound of pre-recorded voices on-the-fly in game.

I’ll wait for a while after the game comes out, long enough for the bug-fixes to settle in. Then, I’ll enjoy hours exploring the island rather than doing the missions :smile:

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Don’t people get Grand Theft Auto fatigue? I mean a fifth sequel, really? How much homework do you have to do to understand this stuff anyway? Whole thing looks like it ends up in CGI clown vomit anyway.

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I hope this is good. Vice City was always my favorite of the series and I think a lot of that was due to the colorful location. Since then, the games have been quite grimy and grungy. This culminated in GTA V, where you had to torture somebody to progress the main plot. I don’t think that should ever be something a player is asked to do, but I know I’m in a minority in that opinion. I hope VI lightens everything up again.


Hey, where’s the Palestine content on this site? Reminded by the Jackson Hinkle connection.

As with many game franchises, it’s not like a movie sequel where audiences are expected to be familiar with the earlier installments. Each “Grand Theft Auto” game is the first for some generation of gamers or another. Most people playing the console game in 2023 never played the 1997 original.

Also this is actually the eighth game in the series, not counting expansion packs, handheld games, or remasters.


Not to mention the Grand Theft Appaloosa spinoff…



Not really my cup of tea, but that looks nice.

I have a friend who plays/play GTA online and it looks like a lot stuff you can do in the game.

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It’s been 10 years since the last one.

No homework, they’re all separate.


I expect this one to take the crown for “most expensive video game ever released” from the previous one. (And we’re already in “small country’s GDP” size budgets.)

I think that’s still a “trailer.” (Though a fair bit of it looks like it could be gameplay and in-engine cut scenes.)

Could be worse, could have to f’ around with some bowling mini-games. (No, I’ve not finished GTA IV yet.)

That would be the Saint’s Row series. Really incredible, fine-grained customization for appearance and significant voice customization, too. (The high point being Saints Row 3, where soon after having picked a voice, you drive across town with an NPC and they start having a spontaneous conversation, singing along with the radio, etc. and you suddenly realize just how much work went into the game’s customization options.) And it’s not just character customization, but gang hideouts, the gang look (strippers? Japanese-style mascots?) and their vehicles (from sports cars to novelty vehicles involving giant bobble heads…).

But the GTA series is very much about cinematic-style fixed narratives with given characters. Which is both its strength and weakness (when the aspirations of serious story-telling run up against absurd narratives and ham-fisted mechanics).

Each game is stand-alone. The first few games reused the same generic main character, but every game since involves new characters in unrelated narratives, changes to game mechanics, and even when they reuse one of their fictionalized versions of real cities, the geography isn’t even the same. They’re “sequels” only in that it’s a brand that sets up expectations about crime narratives, auto theft and some general gameplay mechanics.


I was watching for an “in-game footage” tag on any of the trailer, hoping the game would look as good as depicted. And, if in-game is in the ballpark of the trailers, what GPU will be required… do I need to start saving now?


Considering PC isn’t one of the launch platforms, you have plenty of time to save.


Yeah, Saints Row customization is fun.

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It’s really a shame that the Saints Row series is probably now extinct along with its studio. It was very much the “what if GTA didn’t take itself so seriously?” series that made a nice counterpoint to the GTA games. (Despite being so similar, each had a distinct niche.) Maybe someone else will take up the challenge of a similar customizable GTA-style game, but I suspect the development costs are too big to risk it.

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I liked how Saints Row gamified everything; so that just driving across town became a way of racking up points through dangerous driving.

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With GTA, I feel like the writers are trying - and failing - to write a movie script, but SR knew it was a game and leaned into it more effectively. (Okay, there were still some gritty gangster narrative pretensions in the second one that clashed with the silly gameplay, but after that…) By SR3, they had perfectly refined the formula - which also didn’t really leave them anyplace to go after that.

(I feel like GTA has more longevity as a series ironically because they were less successful than SR at figuring out what the games aspired to be and actually achieving it.)

I think they missed a perfect chance here. Imagine this at the end of the trailer:

“GRAND THEFT AUTO VICE CITY” fills the screen, then the “CE CITY” at the end disappears and you’re left with



Meh. Not excited by that lack of information trailer. Didn’t look like much of a technology leap over V (but I also got V much later, after it landed on PC and had some visual upgrades, I know earlier builds were a bit jankier).

Will keep hoping for a true rebuild/port of the original Red Dead Redemption for PC.

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