This Grand Theft Auto V wildlife documentary is surprisingly good


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THAT looks like a game I would enjoy playing. Why can’t we have that, without the shooting people and stealing cars? Just hiking through beautiful environments, watching animals?


Well, there is “The Long Dark”, which is about hiking in beautiful environments, but does have wolves that try to attack you, so isn’t entirely peaceful, I suppose.


Having completed the initial mission, I spent the next 12 hours of game play driving around the island going, “Wow!” at the scenery and the buildings. Even late in the game, I was discovering new areas to visit filled with astonishing detail. Rock Star roxxor… I got eaten by a mountain lion too…


I was trying out my vid card with GTA V, loaded a saved game and showed up somewhere in the woods to probably murder someone, for no reason when I stepped out of the car a cougar knocks me down and mauls me to death with no warning.
The randomness was hilarious.


You can. If you ignore the missions in GTA you can spend your time admiring the scenery, flying, swimming, playing tennis/darts/golf, watching TV/movies, shopping, finding cool things to jump a car off and a bunch of other stuff I’ve not discovered yet.

I’ve only recently started playing GTA V (after waiting for the PC version to come out) and I’m constantly surprised and staggered by the attention to detail and the enormity of it. I can’t imagine the number of man-hours that went into it but it’s truly an impressive achievement. This documentary is testament to that.


I guess when you divide designer hours/player hours, it starts to become economic… but it is truly jaw dropping in its attention to mundane detail. Things like the farming area… I don’t know that there are even any mission there… All I need is some VR goggles and I’ll not need to go on holiday this year.


I loved their initial advertising for the Long Dark when they were describing it as a “hypothermia simulator”. :smiley:


Good news! We can, maybe more than ever. There’s a rich trend of these jokingly-nicknamed ‘walking simulators’ going on.


Absolutely fantastic graphics. GTA5 is second to none. I’ve been exploring for 2 months and still have much to see.


Firewatch and No Mans Sky are both looking very promising.



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