Playing GTA without breaking the law is the real hard mode

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I want to watch this, but I couldn’t handle it when one of the obnoxious dudes says “I’m lactose intolerant” after learning he must eat a cup of mayonnaise if he loses the challenge. Why do people think mayo comes from milk? Cuz it’s white? It’s not as white as these guys though…


His crew is not very bright, but they have that cringey enthusiasm that YouTube rewards. His channel is at its best when he gives randos enormous tips, cars, houses, etc.


Yeah, I’ve seen those, and enjoyed! I think his crew just reminds me too much of my own high school experience, unfortunately.

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god these people are all so young and so white

their job is “play video games”, that’s easy mode no matter what the game is


i did it so you wouldn’t have to and here’s what happened: white boys were aghast at the completely foreign and unrealistic injustice of being extrajudicially executed by the police, they then spent large sums of available actual real-life money to game the system, and in the end one of them ate mayonnaise because that’s the worst thing they could think of even though white people love mayonnaise.


I liked the original open-world map Mafia game because the various vehicles actually obeyed traffic laws and I enjoyed the challenge of driving across town in a completely legal manner (and the traffic accidents that did occur greatly amused me). GTA doesn’t even seem to bother having its AI obey traffic laws, so it’s much, much more difficult to play the game while trying to obey the laws. Although the games don’t care how many traffic laws you break so long as you don’t hit pedestrians or cop cars.

They actually made the challenge easier by not starting off with cars, because trying to get anywhere while obeying traffic laws, while every vehicle around you flaunts them wildly, is almost impossible.


with all the hubbub RE that crazy “doctor” and her demon semen, I remember that I have always referred to mayonnaise as “The Devil’s Spunk”.
I ain’t eatin that shite!


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