WATCH: Impressive GTA V homage to US marriage equality

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Yeah, shooting and killing gay people (and laughing about it) is “fabulous.” Sorry. Fail.

Herd of irony?

That a group got together and choreographed the driving and and costumes and dancing: awesome.

Agreed that the decision to include the blooper-reel stuff in the main vid with insufficient segues can give infelicitous impressions.

It is a GTA homage,, killing each other and laughing about it is kind of the point.

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I believe the correct term is a “hipster of irony”.

A lot of very talented artist worked on GTA 5. Killing and mayhem aside, The graphics are a work of art.

There’s a couple problems here. First, just making the characters in rainbow colors doesn’t make it gay friendly or positive. It smacks of pandering.

Second, there are no people of color or women. What? Same-sex marriage just came to white male gays? That smacks of misogyny and sexism which has plagued the gaming industry for a while.

Third, most gay people I know (myself excluded) dance better than that. We know more than the pelvic thrust move and, believe it or not have progressed dancing skills beyond the Village People-esque style.

I get that GTA is provocative in that way. But this didn’t seem provocative insomuch as sad.

Perhaps it’s because I’m old enough to remember that the relationship between the gay community and the police has not (and in some cases, still isn’t) great.

I’m old enough to remember that it was drag queens that fought back at Stonewall due to repeated police harassment and abuse.

I’m old enough to remember the police in Dallas arresting people for jaywalking in the gay club area (even though they didn’t even ticket heterosexual couples jaywalking across the much bigger and busier Greenville Avenue).

I’m old enough to remember that police took Konerak Sinthasomphone back to Jeffrey Dahmer when he was found bloody and crying naked on the street because it was just a gay lovers quarrel – no biggie.

I’m old enough to remember the NY police raping Abner Louima with a broom handle.

I also remember the police refusing to go after a couple of men who had viciously attacked and beaten myself and a friend even though I saw them in a 7-11 when I went to get some ice to staunch the swelling after being kicked repeatedly in my face – this during a rash of attacks on gay men in the area.

I could go on.

Suffice it to say, I get that GTA is built on this legacy. Given the history, I don’t find it funny. It’s just sad. And, even setting all that aside, I don’t find it “imaginative” like the misguided author of this post did.

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