David Lynch has a cool line of 'Meditating Eye' jewelry

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They look like props for a SciFi/Horror movie in which they are of course mind control devices that are used to create an unstoppable army of mindless minions to take over the world/facilitate an alien invasion/bring about the end of the world/harness the wearer’s mind powers to summon The Old Ones/open a portal to another dimension/etc/etc.

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Well I was hoping they were movie props, but alas, only hippie stuff.

I opened up an old DVD from Lynch’s own company the other week (a collection of his web shorts), and a flyer for his line of coffee fell out, which I’d completely forgotten about. Dead site :anguished:.

I did find a UK site (http://davidlynchcoffee.co.uk) but it seems to have been started by a fan, and the only way to get to the ‘buy’ page is from the results of a Google search. So my hopes are not high. Also it’s £21 for 12oz, so it really would have to be damn fine coffee.

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I am excited to finally be able to properly accessorize my David Lynch yoga pants while I sip my David Lynch coffee.


Of coarse this “jewelry” can’t possibly be what it seems.

Goop for the art snob crowd.

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