David Lynch shows how to make a microphone stand

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I already know how to make a microphone stand: hide all of its chairs!


I love David Lynch. Someone gives him a microphone: He builds an overly complex stand and a box to put it in but does not appear to actually use the microphone when shooting the video which is what they gave him the microphone for (Though I realize using the mic would likely have been noisy while demonstrating the stand and box.). Also presumably David Lynch has lots of microphones.


I already know how to make a microphone sound good: tell Mike Russell to leave the building!

I’ll see myself out, thanks…


That mic stand is a work of art. Don’t tell a sound guy!


I love his get-it-done spirit as well as his commitment and sincerity. He seems like the type of person that would make an ideal neighbor.


That hat! I want such a hat!! Anyone?

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I’m waiting for his highness to build a rostrum stand…then I consider inviting him

I had the same thought. Where’s your hat from David?

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The man is a genius whose work, no matter in what medium or on what subject, fascinates me. Next Week: David Builds A Soundproofed Shed.

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