David Miranda was carrying decryption key for Snowden docs on a piece of paper when arrested

Good security practice, that.

Unless it was a honeypot.
The story was that Snowden didn’t trust Greenwald until he started colaborating with Poitras, who was suitably paranoid. Miranda was allegedly carrying data from Poitras to Greenwald. If Poitras knew enough to impress an NSA computer expert, why would she make the mistake of supplying a pass phrase along the same channel as the payload?
Three things suggest themselves.

  1. We’re being played
  2. Poitras doesn’t deserve her reputation, which may only be that she’s slightly less calvelier than Greenwald.
  3. Miranda is REALLY dumb, and wrote down the password --which he shouldn’t have had in the first place.

That’s what I was wondering. Why does a courier need the key?

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