Davos 2017


Hey, @doctorow. You attended Davos this year. How was it?

Cory Doctorow, Author, USA speaking at the Annual Meeting 2017 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 17, 2017
Copyright by World Economic Forum / Boris Baldinger

I’m curious as to what you attended and were speaking on given things like this coming out of it:



Mentioning Davros when Davos comes up is the Godwin’s Law of Davos threads.


Of course, we now have other options:

Which leads to the joke:
Q:" What’s the difference between Davos, Davros, and DeVos?"
A:“One is an evil monster. One is a convocation of evil monsters. And one is a grumpy old guy in a bumpy wheelchair.”


Q: Are we not men?

A: We are DEVOs


I hate to say it, but that’s how I read the title.


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