DEA paid Amtrak worker $854K for customer data it could have obtained for free


From wikipedia: The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, doing business as Amtrak, is a publicly funded railroad service operated and managed as a for-profit corporation[1].

So this is one government body paying another government body (essentially?). Sort of like transferring $850000 from the DEA budget to the Amtrak budget, which I would support :wink:

Nope. They paid the employee. And Amtrak isn’t a government body. Just subsidized.

Haha. You’re totally right. Thanks for the clarification.

Amtrak is more than subsidized, it’s owned and controlled by the United States. You are right that it’s not a government agency though, as it’s a private, for-profit corporation whose stock is all owned by the federal government.

“The secretary was allowed to retire, rather than face administrative discipline”
“Amtrak was aware of and approved of the data sale”
Why would Amtrak discipline someone for something of which they approved?

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I would note that throwing the peon under the bus is practically a reflex action; but Amtrak isn’t a bus company so part of that explanation wouldn’t make sense.

Speaking of making sense, do we suspect that this was purely the DEA having togetherness problems, or does it come down to the fact that if they went through official channels the Amtrak police would get a cut of the sweet, sweet, civil forfeiture cash justice; but if they received the information by other channels it would be 100% DEA?

I’m inclined to suspect the latter; but they say that sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice and I would believe the DEA to be capable of either or both.


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