For years, NSA shared massive amounts of surveillance data with domestic law enforcement


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I’m shocked, I tell you! Shocked!

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Actually, I am kind of unhappy that no single person who knew about this ever leaked it. I often hear that it’s only a few bad apples, but I think it’s abundantly clear here that you don’t get high enough up in even civilian law enforcement agencies to know what’s going on without being thoroughly corrupt and amoral.


And with this I am krazy gluing the tin foil hat directly to my head. I knew it! I just knew it!

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And another side-effect from this is the adoption of other non-US software platforms for fear of being compromised just because a foreign government might want to use M$ or Apple software.

How many convictions where information was provided to law enforcement by the NSA does this bring in to question? Any information from the NSA would be off limits to domestic police.

All of them?

We knew the DEA was giving tips to other agencies, who extended professional courtesy by concealing the source through parallel construction.

I fear it would be way too much to hope that any of the three-letter agencies weren’t doing it.

Do we toss out these convictions and free the prisoners?

At the very least, I would say they should get a new trial, one where the true source of the evidence against them was exposed.

That way they could subpoena the NSA for the evidence that exculpates them or mitigates the nature/extent of their crimes.

I think it’s well known that prosecutors are required to release all of the evidence they have to the defense, including the parts that damage their chance of getting a conviction.

Through the magic of parallel construction, the true source of the evidence against them is concealed, so the defense never even knew the right questions to ask,

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