Report: Justice ethics watchdog didn't look into judges' NSA concerns


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The best line from the e-mails:

“You are not actually open-minded to the idea of not writing the story. You are running it regardless. I have information that undercuts your premise, and would provide it if I thought you were able to be convinced that your story is off base. Instead, I think that to provide it to you would just allow you to cover your bases, and factor it into a story you still plan to write. So I prefer to hold onto the information and use it after the fact, with a different outlet that is more objective about whether an OPR inquiry was appropriate.”

Good to see that the ethics office acknowledges that the government has some of the media ready to report its side of the argument at will. And it is good to see that they acknowledge that they will hold back information on the accuracy of information for the sole purpose of using it as a weapon to attack a media group that would have the gall to report on it.

TL;DR: Government to USA Today reporter: get in our pocket and we’ll give you the good bits as long as you don’t embarrass us. Get on our bad side and we’ll call David Gregory.


David Gregory.

Who’s that guy? Oh, that’s right… he’s that corporatist shill that poses as a journalist.

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As a Canuck, all I can say is: You all must be so proud, right now, eh?


So Judge Bates wrote SPECIFICALLY that it was the 3rd time in 2 years. They knew.

Far as I can see, the only reason DOJ could possibly have justified not investigating is that the breaches were on the part of NSA officials, rather than the lawyers themselves. Not that this makes it any better - at the very least, there was an obligation to inform Holder’s office of the problem.

Disgusting! And just last week, I received a return email from Marco Rubio’s office from the one I sent through EFF’s site. He mentions the NSA fiasco, but without offering so much as a hint of a position on it at all. All I got was, ‘blah-blah-concerned, blah. Because I’m such a great guy and serve you so well.’ Only took him, what? 3 weeks to post his empty boilerplate? About as responsive and responsible as Holder’s outfit…

“We won’t say that we’re better. It’s just that we are less worse.” -Arrogant Worms

As someone just slightly too old to be a millennial, I can say that I do not remember a time when I was both old enough to think about the news for myself and had any sense that I should trust or even really respect that my government had the country’s (or the world’s, as many like to believe) interests as a goal.

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