Dead Celebrity


Good night, Rosie.


Interesting story. (It even has a Dr Kimble on a quest.)


It also reminds me of a tedious pattern.

Pre war : “Women can’t do XYZ. Their place is at home.”
At war : Hmm. Most of the men are soldiers now… “Women must do XYZ. It’s their patriotic duty!”
Post war: “Woman can’t do XYZ. Their place is at home.”

Rinse, repeat.




Yeah, balls. “Grazing in the Grass” is a lifelong favorite, one of the first songs I can remember hearing (on a K-Tel compilation album).


My favorite of anything on radio. A genius.



This is a great example of how he played trumpet as if it were a percussion instrument.




Mark E Smith, aged 60, had been having health issues the last number of months.

Never managed to keep up with all his releases, but some really great stuff in there…

The Fall have to be up there as the band with the most ever members:


Warren Miller ski bum filmmaker dead at 93.

Powder day in the sky Warren. Forever.



The name comes from Mr Kamprad’s initials (IK), together with the name of the farm he grew up on - Elmtaryd (E) - and the nearby village Agunnaryd (A)

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad dies in Sweden at 91

They buried him with a small, cheap Allen wrench so that in case he was buried alive by mistake he could futilely attempt to dismantle the lid from the inside until he ran out of oxygen.
The Damnation of Ingvar Kamprad

At the Pearly Gates St. Peter hands Mr. Kamprad a small, cheap Allen wrench and points him toward an enormous pile of flat pack boxes labeled “Hëåvên”.

I could go on all day, sitting in my Poäng, staring across the room at my wall covered in Billy.


Those heavenly meatballs in God’s cafeteria, tho.


I think my wife’s secret longing for those meatballs is responsible for about half of our furniture.



Paul Alcock, Premier League referee.

He’s probably best remembered for this encounter with fascist arsehole Paolo Di Canio.


Any time listening to the song See you again, I recall the appearance of Paul Walker. He was my role model in both film and real life - a really kind man.