Dead Celebrity




I just dl his “Baby Come to Me”.
I loved that duet.
Why is it that I always dl
singer’s songs
after they die?
I’m thinking of Michael Jackson,
I bought every album I didn’t already have.
He’s the only song writer who never
swore, cursed cops or glorified guns.
(No making fun of me for my MJ love!)


RIP Dick Miller.

May you steal the all the scenes in the hereafter.


I was just coming to post that… Sad news.


I should add two of his non bit part roles are available on youtube
War Of The Sattelites

A Bucket Of Blood

If you have to pick one go with A Bucket Of Blood.


A sad, sad loss. A brilliant, caring comedian who couldn’t sing for shit.




Like 'em or loathe 'em, she wrote a lot of them and a hell of a lot of people read them.




My former Congressman has passed away. :frowning:


When they were talking about him this morning, they noted that a Dingell has held that seat in congress since 1933 (his widow holds it now, I think).


Yup, Debbie Dingle has been our Congresswoman for a few years now. She votes as John did, which is fairly progressive.


His record was impressive, from what they recounted. He had a long career too.


I think I’ll watch Big Fish again this weekend.


A bit obscure is “Charlie Bubbles”; worth watching. Very much in the vein of other off-beat, quasi-surreal, slyly cynical films of the late-60s. Clever and funny dialogue, but I can recall (and very badly, at that) one quote:

Annoying snooping reporter: “How old are you?”
Bubbles’ son (deadpan): “34 years old.”


The Dresser, 1983