Dead Kennedys play "Holiday In Cambodia" (1982)



Were we really that young once?

I still need a good dose of punk at least once a week.


If you’re still getting that weekly dose, you’re still young, my friend.

Despite the crappy audio quality, I still got chills during parts of it and found myself doing a little, mini-head bang by the end of the video.

Visceral flashbacks to being a teenager…

I remember picking up a copy of this at Streetlight Records. Damn, that was a long time ago. Closer to JFK’s presidency than to now…

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I could swear the applause was lifted directly from an episode of Sanford & Son. Odd editorial choice if they had audio of the band and none of the crowd.

I know the feeling. In 1998 I realized the date of my birth was closer to the bombing of Pearl Harbor than to the modern day, and I just about fainted. Ain’t none of us getting any younger.


I ran across The Suburban Lawns doing “Janitor” on this same show. Like going in a time machine (I didn’t see the original broadcast, but I did hear that song on the radio a bunch in the mid-80’s.)

Peter Ivers introduces the Suburban Lawns

I love that so many kids were exposed to this seminal track in Guitar Hero III.

Yeah, it was a cover. I believe the version that was released as DLC for Rock Band was a master?

Police Truck is also DLC for RB and is great fun to play. I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

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