Dead soldiers in Israel can now posthumously donate their sperm

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From there, the article gets into some of the complications of this, umm, fascinating new industry.

One thing that’s not complicated: these posthumous baby daddies won’t be worrying about paying for child support.

And of course, there’s already a US-based company making plans to offer similar services here

If Russia’s tech sector hadn’t already decamped en masse, they’d no doubt be doing it there too. As we learned today, they’re already holding mass wedding ceremonies for the poor sods being sent to die in Ukraine.


Oh boy, the loop of oppressive Zionist soldier goons will never be closed, how proud Momma must be…

Is this a Start Me Up company?

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just give Israeli soldiers the option to keep some sperm on ice before going on deployment? That way they can clearly indicate their approved uses beforehand and as a bonus it would also be available in the event that a soldier suffered an injury rendering him unable to father children through traditional means.


Actually, I’d bet that sooner or later, disputes over inheritance do become one of the many problems with this.


This rings all kinds of alarm bells regarding human agency and reproductive rights.


Palestinian soldiers with their jaws stuck to the table for the color photo, right?
Female soldiers asked if they want to put eggs away are like, maybe?
On the other hand, you can play with a bunch of LN2 and play some sexy tunes! Live soldiers optional I guess…
Youth who are just going to take this news as it is, at 10:00.

The military-industrial complex demands not only that you sacrifice yourself to it- It now demands that after death, you must produce another generation to feed into its maw.


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