Deadpool 3 is bringing Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine

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It was one of the most perfect ways they could announce this. Then they followed it up with more info:


Hugh Jackman is such a nerd. Dude loves playing the character but I swear he’s never given enough credit for his enthusiasm.


I think what makes Deadpools movies great, so far, is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Looking forward to it

Still regretting selling my New Mutants 98. :confused:

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Obligatory extended version of Patton Oswalt’s stream of consciousness comics-geek masterpiece filibuster from Parks & Rec about the possibilties with these franchises. Which may end up having been a channeled prophecy.

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I did like how they cleaned up the timeline to get rid of that other, much less fun version of Deadpool.



Yeah, that was such an odd, odd, dumb version of a character.


I used to really dislike both Ryan Reynolds and the character of Deadpool. They were both just so much extra and grated on every one of my nerves. But I’ll be damned if putting them together hasn’t made me a fan of both.

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Screenwriter A: “What if we took the character whose nickname is ‘The Merc with a Mouth’ and literally removed his mouth?”

Screenwriter B: “OMG the fans will love it!”


So far this seems like they’re going for some of the same energy the Deadpool and Spiderman crossover/teamups have in the comics. Where they at first fought and then evolved into a on again off again friendship with Spiderman (of all people) playing the straight-man to Deadpool. I don’t imagine it’ll be 100% the same relationship or vibe as Wolverine isn’t known for being a smartass, but Deadpool is at his best when he’s got that straight-man to bounce off of… though they did use Colossus for that particular role in the first two movies.

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