Deadpool & Wolverine red band trailer has arrived – let's f*cking go!

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Love the easter eggs.

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This is why I can’t bring myself to hate Rob Liefeld. His art may be atrocious, but at least he’s got a healthy a sense of humor about it.


I’ve never “hated” him; he helped create one of my fav characters in all of Marvel.

I just want to sit him down and teach him how to draw feet/muscles better.


Looks like some nice ribald mindless (egads, Madonna-themed?) fun.

So, as one who has definitely not kept up, this is some alternate TVA time-line (wherein Vanessa is still alive)? are they numbered? is this C137?
no more endless reboots! endless retimelines! …wait, time-lines, loops, or parallel universes? (“who the @#$! cares!? a wizard did it.”)

edit: many thankees to @Brainspore ! i didn’t get any of that watching Deadpool-2 (actually didn’t get hardly any of Deadpool-2)


In the end credits of Deadpool 2 he steals Cable’s time-travel gizmo to dink around with the timeline, including saving Vanessa and murdering the version of his own character from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Between that and the involvement of the TVA literally any possibility in the multiverse is on the table for this movie.


I hadn’t seen this detail before, very Deadpool:
I blurred it with the spoiler function, click to unblur:

  1. Really enjoyed the first two Deadpools. They are a lot more fun than a lot of other super hero movies.

  2. Really like how the colors look brighter, at least in parts. Very yellow and red. I don’t totally understand why films want to mute the super hero colors. I say lean into it. I guess muted = more serious?

  3. Have enjoyed picking up some TBP collections of the runs co-written by Brian Posehn, who I got to autograph some of them for me.

  4. I regret selling my New Mutants 98.


And everyone knows how important it is for modern superheroes to get serious.


I hope there’s a 20 minute long scene near the end where they hit each other over and over and a whole bunch of buildings get smashed up in the process. That would be really fun and original.


I hope the larger budget/greater connection to the MCU didn’t screw things up, because the set up could really lead to some bigger laughs and more amusing chaos - or turn into a big soggy mess. (Also, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish between different Ryan Reynolds action movies due to his distinctive writing/ad-libbing “voice.”)

To which “The Pouch” can attest.

Or, you know, at all. (Though I’m pretty sure we’re at least 30 years too late for that.)

But how can you defend capitalism like that!? (/s) You should only be liking the art made outside capitalism, like… uh…


Looks great! Weirdly, I’m just happy to see Colossus coming back. He’s been awesome in the Deadpool movies. :smiley:



Colossus as the frustrated, long-suffering, Jiminy Cricket style conscience is the best Colossus.


What about the “improbably crammed into the back seat of an ordinary taxi cab Colossus?”



And, maybe, how to draw circles in perspective?


@bobsyeruncle666 and @Surprise_Puma I would really like to see an entire Colossus & Teenage Negatronic Warhead film.


Oh, yes. Really looking forward to this.
The most fun a superhero (secret bad guy, but who cares) ever had…


… and the CN Tower, given the :canada: angle on all of this… :grin:


I’d say the Deadpool movies have one thing going for them: they know up front that stories about underwear perverts are essentially silly. Violent, but silly. And they are okay with it.

Alan Moore takes it the other way all the time, reminding us of how horrific it would be if the underwear perverts actually existed, the cost in lives if they did run around. And good, there’s room for both!

I’ll watch it when it hits Disney+, maybe. Depends if enough other shows are up to make the rotation, or if Strange New Worlds drops a season, because I’m a Paramount or Disney guy, but not a guy who pays for both at the same time.


Same here!


If you haven’t seen the BTS on how they did Colossus in the first Deadpool, I heartily recommend the 10ish minutes of watch time. 3 actors (1 body, 1 voice, and 1 was…face I think?), a wildly out of control list of desires that ate into their budget (acknowledged in both movies), and a lot of fun.

The first Deadpool movie will always have a special place in my heart. I had, after having the final straw break, quit my job. For whatever reason, they decided to cut short (but fully pay) my two weeks and I was let go mid-day on Thursday, the week Deadpool was released. I had nothing to do and didn’t want to freak my wife out by coming home, so I went to see a movie in a theatre, something I hadn’t done by myself in decades (saw plenty of animated ones with the family in tow, of course). Saw the 1pm Deadpool with 3 other people in the theatre. Laughed my ass off and didn’t care who heard me. Came home just plain happy, which I hadn’t been in months.

Don’t care it didn’t win any awards. It’s a great popcorn, turn-your-brain-off movie series and I’ll miss it when it’s done.