The trailer for "Deadpool and Wolverine" certainly doesn't give the whole movie away

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Well, I am excited for it.

Also, one thing I noted and love - they upped the color saturation on the costumes. They are bright like the 90s comics. Thank you!


I just noticed the “This Film is Not Yet Rated” statement at the end. If this isn’t R-rated, I will be disappointed. I hope some Disney execs or Kevin Feige aren’t trying to clean it up to get a PG-13. I totally get if some people don’t like the over the top violence of Deadpool, but that’s what Deadpool is. And it’s presented in such a ridiculous package that it’s literally cartoonish, which, I think, makes it more watchable than a pure violence for the sake of violence blood bath like a lot of horror movies and some Tarantino films. So if they put that in a PG-13 package, it’s just not going to work.


They’re probably going for an “R” rating again but I did think the PG-13 “Once Upon A Deadpool” edit of Deadpool 2 managed to stay true to the humor of the original cut even though they trimmed or bleeped some of the violence and profanity.


I am all for an R movie with a PG-13 version.

Sorta like how I would skip Castle Anthrax when showing the kiddo Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Terrible name, but the best castle


Is this before or after Loki becomes the genius loci of the TVA?

Loki_ The_Nexus_Event _poster

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“Before” and “after” are concepts that don’t really apply to anything involving the TVA.



I’m sure it has other twists involved. I also heard that the movie name will continue to change on each trailer, which sounds amusing.


It would be great if every R-rated movie would come bundled with the airplane or TV edit. Something I could throw on and not worry too much when one of the kids walks into the room. (But only where the edit is reasonable. I saw part of an edited version of Clerks II that made clear the edited version should not exist.)


OH man, so Fortnite has a new mode where it is basically Guitar Hero, and they oddly censor some of the songs. Like NIN March of Pigs is on there and there is a part where it gets slower and says “Take the skin, peel it back” and it is silence! But another Green Day song leaves in “wh*re”?

One one hand, I get it, A LOT of kids play the game, and there are certainly lyrics that need edited. But if you’re like 48, leave in the option for unedited stuff?

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Or even if there were just a wider variety of all-ages-appropriate movies to begin with.

From 1995 to 2024 the number of movies rated R by the MPAA was greater than the number of G-rated, PG-rated and PG-13-rated movies put together even though PG-13 movies accounted for the biggest share of ticket sales. Practically everything that isn’t a cartoon or a superhero movie is rated R.

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Of course there’s a whole debate to be had over what’s appropriate for kids to see that isn’t easily categorized in the existing rating system. I personally am not too upset about the idea of my kids hearing some swear words (especially when used in a neutral or positive context) or even <gasp!> seeing a boob, but realistic, graphic pain and violence is a bit more troubling. Cartoony violence like the Black Knight’s “it’s only a flesh wound!” scene also doesn’t bother me.


This. To be honest I don’t even mind if the kids see some healthy depictions of sex on the screen. I don’t like sanitized violence on the screen, however.

Violence in kids movies drives me nuts. It almost always ends up portraying violence as a consequence free lark. If someone dies or is hurt it’s a big deal, even for the person who killed them. Anything less is not teaching kids anything good.



Wearing this pin today!


Agreed 100%

However for the sake of simplicity I hope they keep this after the events of Loki (from our normal human nondimensional linerar POV) just so the TVA can be the LEAST wacky weridness involved in this beautiful opus of a film.

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