James Mangold doesn't like the idea of Wolverine showing up in Deadpool 3

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It sounds like he’s upset with Disney/Marvel doing what Disney/Marvel has been known to do, use their popular properties forever and ever. But what if he’s just punching up at an organization that doesn’t care what he has to say instead of complaining about Hugh Jackman’s unretiring the rule he famously ended with Logan? You can’t ever end the Wolverine conversation if he continues making money. But Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine? Yeah, Mangold supposedly capped that off.


Wolverine, “I’m the best at what I do; an’ what I do is make money.”


OMG. It’s a STORY. None of this is real. If they want to resurrect a ‘dead’ character they CAN. None of this is real . Get a fecking grip!


With all the time travel, (horrible prequels) and alternate universe shenanigans being part and parcel to both the X-Men movies and the MCU, I have no trouble treating Logan as I would Old Man Logan. His is a good film and a good self-contained story that shouldn’t preclude anyone else’s vision that uses any other version of Logan - until somebody makes his particular Logan rise from the dead, he should just sit back and count his money. His movie will always be there.


If it’s happening all the same, I hope Jackman’s okay with it. I can’t imagine anyone else as Wolverine because he fit the profile so well. I feel the same about Kelsey Grammer as Beast/Hank McCoy. As great an actor as Nicholas Hoult is, he has always rubbed me the wrong way as the character.


Not just that, just because it’s filmed after doesn’t mean it takes place after.


He “ended his conversation,” but here he is, butting into someone else’s movie to share his unwanted opinion. Logan was a good movie. But this takes place long before Logan gets old and decrepit. I expect it’s going to be a good movie too. I invite Mangold to STFU and enjoy the great gobs of cash he made with his own movie and let everyone else enjoy the new one.


So, how does the Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny director

So, he’s squeezing the juice out of THAT franchise, which is probably past its prime, and doesn’t see the irony at all?

Logan was a fantastic film. Truly I loved it. But Reynolds wanted Wolverine in a Deadpool film, and Jackman decided he really wanted to play the part in a Deadpool film, and with all the timey wimey and multiverse nonsense, they can have what they want AND old man wolverine can still comfortably exist. No one need complain about it, the universe of media isn’t a linear timeline.


Wolverine is a great character. There are always going to be more Wolverine stories in comics, animated tv, animated film, and live action film. I’ve noticed anytime there’s a new adaptation of Hamlet or MacBeth or Sherlock Holmes, you don’t hear a chorus of “OMG, come up with something original already! Let him die!”


Wolverine, in the comics at least, is one of the most popular characters, period. There is NO WAY they will leave the character alone. Sure, Hugh Jackman won’t play him forever, but if you think they wouldn’t make another movie, I got a bridge to sell you.

I am looking forward to Deadpool 3 and Huge and Ryan are friends, have some wonderful on screen chemistry where they are riffing on each other. I imagine that is going to translate well into the film.

I hope so, at least.


He played the role well, but “fit the profile so well” gave me a chuckle because Wolverine is pretty famously below average height and Hugh Jackman is relatively tall. Not that it matters anymore because there is no definitive version of any character anymore. (And I’m fine with that.)


The teaser for Deadpool 3 was literally Ryan Reynolds at home asking Hugh to play Wolverine in his movie, and Hugh casually walking past him in the background saying, “Yeah, sure thing Ryan!”

He’s probably fine with it.


It is; The fourth movie in that franchise is the literal trope namer for “nuked the fridge” in terms of trying to get more money out of a franchise that everyone thought was put out to pasture at the end of the third movie. However, I’ll hold judgement until the movie actually comes out and people see it.


I believe he was asked, so he isn’t so much butting in as “not dodging the question”. Which you may view as a character flaw, and if so I too share it. I can be decent about not bringing up crap I should’t bring up, but I’m not good at not answering when I’m specifically asked about it.

I’m pretty good at letting people like whatever films and entertainments they like. I don’t feel a need to tell them I don’t enjoy something they enjoy. They like it, cool I’m glad they got enjoyment out of whatever it was. However if someone talks about how much they love the dark tone of the DCU and goes on and on about it I can say noncommittal stuff. If I happen to like some of it here and there I can chime in on the parts I like (hey, I like Mamoa as Aquaman, and I’m glad it isn’t the animated series of my youth’s all but useless aqua man). If they ask me what I think about the DCU though the gloves are off. It is too dark. The hero’s are seldom allowed to be heroic. It by and large is just a lot less fun than the MCU. It has a few high points, but most of it just isn’t worth the time to watch it. For sure not worth paying for a ticket or PPV for.

Yeah, yeah the less likely to cause hard feelings thing for me to do is actually just kind of shrug and make some largely noncommittal statements, or again focus on the bits I think I’m in agreement like “I liked Aquaman”. But…I’m just not wired that way. I can avoid bringing up crap that isn’t going to get me anywhere, but I can’t avoid answering direct questions even when the results are going to get me nowhere.


Even if asked, it’s still pretty arrogant to claim to have “ended the conversation” regarding a beloved character in a genre where characters are rebooted or resurrected all the time. Did he think nobody wanted to see Wolverine in a movie again? Bish, please!

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It was a good trailer, too! It’s almost as if the naysayers did not watch Deadpool 2 all the way through or have the first idea about Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s public “frenemy” silliness? I don’t get it, but my family is certainly looking forward to the writer’s strike ending so this movie can be finished and released.

[The writer’s guild’s demands are not unreasonable and absolutely should be included in the CBA they are striking to get! We can wait, corporations will have a harder time waiting. Get it done, studios.]

thank goodness he didn’t say that then.

“I don’t measure my success on a movie like Logan with whether we ended the conversation. I ended my conversation.”

he also expected and expects more wolvie movies

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… people associate the role with Jackman now, but originally Logan was supposed to be short and ugly, and then later they started putting a cowboy hat on him and drawing him like Clint Eastwood

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… you know who would actually be good?